Concrete Race and sump

Walk down race, check for stones or thick crusty muck. If any of these two are present the race needs scrapping.
Start from furtherest end from cowshed and scrape race muck in front of stone trap with tractor.
Then scoop out sump and the pile of muck you have created from scrapping race. 
Put this in a pile in the bull paddock.
Hose down sump were necessary.
Leave everything as tidy as possible.

Tips:     Make sure tractor is in 4wd
            You don't have to remove all the solids from sump 90% is good
            Some times when hosing using a snow shovel can make your job quicker

Stick Trap
This job is a two person job, please don't try and do it by yourself
Lift out on to exit race
Tip into tractor bucket
Hose clean
Put it backin 
Tip tractor bucket onto concrete bunker beside stone trap

Grease pump

The effluent pump has three grease nipples located below the motor, pump grease into all of these.