Shifting within a paddock 

  1. remove pipe from rear of irrigator, be careful it will spring back
  2. pull pipe to new position of irrigator (about 15m across from irrigator)
  3. Follow wire in front of irrigator to where it is attached and remove
  4. Pull out ground anchor if attached to one
  5. Push irrigator to new position and attach pipe
  6. Lift cover of irrigator and remove chain 
  7. Turn gear until bolt on the side of the wire holder is in a position it can easily be removed
  8. Remove bolt
  9. Tow wire to other end of paddock keeping parallel with edge of paddock
  10. Put ground anchor in ground if needed and attach chain at end of wire
  11. Return to spreader and replace bolt into the side of the wire holder
  12. Put chain back onto gears
  13. Replace cover 
  14. Lift up end of run switch
  15. turn irrigator arms clockwise make sure the wire drum is turning 
Shifting to a new paddock
The paddock it is to go into is shown in 2.3 rotation. Each shift between paddocks is different, but the following things should be followed:
  1. This is a two person job, get some one to help you
  2. Never pull pipes around posts, instead pull straight over fences getting someone to lift every time a join comes near the wire
  3. If the paddocks are beside each other it is easiest to pull the pipe up beside the fence and lif it over by hand. To do this you will have to pull each pipe section in a loop around and back up the fence
  4. Pull the irrigator at a walking speed, it isn't bullet proof
  5. The pipe connections can be a bit hard to separate, you can tap them on the side with a hammer to make your job easier, never hit them on the ends