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Calf Rearing

Checking springing and colostrum cows

Cows should be checked:
  • First thing in morning
  • End of working day
  • Sometime after 8.30pm
Check for
  • all cows are sitting up, with their heads held up. If unsure make cow get up to see if she can stand, any problems treat as needed. (follow milk fever guide)
  • Cows that are calving, any problems
  • Cows that have calved
    • check that calf is well
    • tag calf with primary tag
    • record cow and calf number
Bringing cows and calves back

In the paddock
  1. Make sure calf trailer is clean- no dirt or mud on the deck
  2. iodine should be sprayed on navels of calves as they are put into trailer
In the shed
  1. spray secondary tag with iodine and put in calves are as per instructions
  2. if calf hasn't had a feed give 2 litres of colostrum, if it won't drink stomach feed it
Pen System

  • calves stay in the same pen from the start (as much as possible)
  • Fill one pen at a time
There are two sheds as follows
 main shed
nardeens shed

sick calves