Colostrum Cow

Identifing Them

When cows come into this mob the should have tape put on their tails, the tape is on the shelf in the small room of the cowshed, there are four different colors of tape, they should be in a pile, take the top color. When you have finished, put the tape at the bottom of the pile so that a different tape will be used tommorrow

Checking for mastitis

All cows in this mob should be checked for clinical mastitis every morning milking. If the cow has mastitis, find out if she is a first calver (heifer). Click here for first calvers , Click here for all other animals

Removing cows from this mob

In the morning milking, indentify the color tail tape that is on the top of the pile in the small room of the cowshed, test all the cows with this color on their tails, if they are good, draft them into the milking mob, if not leave tape on their tails, record their number, put it on the whiteboard, with the problem code F.