Check that vat is washed, wash if it hasn’t been (see 1.3 Vat Washing)
Put bung in
Turn on the main plant switch, and the switch for the teat-sprayer/cooler

Turn off the filter tap







Make sure Taps on vat are set as shown

Go into the pit
(i) pull up buttons on the cups
(ii) Turn off the 2 drain taps on the milk pump (at the far end of pit)

Start putting cups on cows, once all cups are on the first row check:
(i) pulsation is working in the cups
(ii) milk is going into the vat

Teatspray each row before letting them go
After letting the second row go check that the cows are going into the right paddock

Draft out any cows that are
(i) lame
(ii) have mastitis 

At end of milking put cups on jetters, cleaning them as you do so, then washup (1.2 wash up page)