Plant Wash 

After all cups are up on jetters, pump milk out of the receiving can

Turn air injector on - Please wear earmuffs while this is operating - located in milking area

Turn cellsence cip on (hold down button for 5 seconds)- located in milking area

Turn cooler switch off and filter tap on full - located in vat room










Turn the two taps into the tub of water on















Turn off teatspray/cooler pump















When pipe into vat goes cold, Turn taps on vat so that water is dumped
Wait for the tub to suck dry
The following steps in blue are for the morning milking only   
When the tub has sucked out
(i) Turn cold water off  into tub
(ii) Turn off the 2 suction taps 
(iii) fill tub with hot water from the largest hot water cylinder (picture)
(iv) put 250ml of acid into tub except on Monday and Thursday morning use 2 sachets of              Alkali  
Turn Suction Taps Back on
Once water coming out of the dump is too hot to touch, recycle it back into the tub for about 7 minutes, then take the dump hose out of the tub and wait for remaining water to suck out
Turn Suction Taps off
Take filter sock out and replace with a new one, put the old one into the rubbish bin located in the chemical room
Pull the bung out
Turn the Plant off 
Pull the cups down and hang them up
Turn air injector off and open drains on milk pump (located at far end of pit)
Hose out the shed
Check that milk temperature is dropping before leaving shed if not contact Kevin