Vat Wash


 First make sure there is no milk in the vat!

Open taps and remove door seal 

Turn off water going into tub

Push CIP button on vat controller (may need to push again if tub doesn't empty out) 

Fill tub with hot water from the smaller hot water cylinder 

On Monday and Thursday or if the tanker is coming every second day follow the steps in blue

Put 2 sachets of alkali into the tub

Connect the water recycling pipe to the bottom of the vat  

Push  the CIP button, wait for the pipe to get hot before recycling the water

Push the CIP button again, once this wash has finished remove the recycling pipe and push the CIP button again to remove any water left in tub

Fill Tub with cold water

Put 250mls of acid into tub and push CIP button 

Clean out the taps while the water is being pumped through

Leave to drain then put door seal back in, shut door and set taps at front and back of vat ready for milking

The CIP button is shown in this picture it is located to the left of the vat roller door outside