1.6.2 How to fill in and use the whiteboard

The white board for recording sick cows is located on back of door in work room (between milking area and vat room)
It is set up as follows:

 Cow # Disease Treatment amount area affected date treated return to vat


Cow # : put cow number here
Disease : put disease here
Treatment : put treatment here
Amount: put type of treatment and amount
area affected : put which teat/ foot if applicable
Date : put date of treatment and morning or afternoon, also put dates of future treatments
Treated: Tick here if cows has been treated
Return to vat: put day and am/pm cow allowed back into vat  

e.g. Today is the 1/9, Cow 2 has mastitis in her front left quarter, she has had two treatments of clavulox (48 hour milk withholding) and is due for one more in the morning, her records should look like this:

 Cow # Disease Treatment amount area affected date treated return to vat
mastitis    clavulox       1 tubeFL1/9 am      yes
      1/9 pm yes 
      2/9am  4/9 pm