Paddock and Supplement Feeding for July

starting 13th July - 31st July


13th - 23rd July -

Murphy 8&9 (1/2 post per day) 

Trailer full of palm kernal  every 2nd day

24th - 31st July?

Pine paddock

Trailer load of palm kernal every 2nd day


13th - 15th July -

Creek 6

4bales & 2 troughs of palm kernal per day

16th -19th -

basin one half paddock every 2nd day

1 trough of palm kernal per day

2 bales of straw per day (4 every 2nd)    

20th-23rd -

basin 2 one half paddock every 2nd day


16th - 22nd (mob starts on the 16th is round 60 cows)

Woolshed 1&2

3rd of 1 paddock every 2nd day

1 trough palm kernal & 2 bales straw every 2nd day

23rd - 31st? (mob gets resized)

barbary paddocks

palm kernal and straw (will be updated closer to the time)