1.7 Other Problems

Machines start but don't give any vacuum at the cups

This problem is caused from the vacuum pump not being able to build up pressure due too many air leaks. Make sure that all buttons are turned off on the cups, air injector is turned off, that all cups are still attached to the milkine. If this is the case then follow the air line from the vaccum pump through to the receiving cans then onto the cups looking for possible air leaks. Please try not to run the vacuum pump for more than a couple minutes like this.

Teat-spray problems - section 1.4 click here

Hot water cylinder

Problems with heating ring Stuart Heaps : 06 374 0441 or 027 232 0982

Problems with leaks ring DDS : 06 374 9999

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Stuart Heaps : 06 374 0441 or 027 232 0982

Any urgent plumbing problem

Kevin 0274822949

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Alick: 06 374 0838

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DDS : 06 374 9999

Any urgent refrigeration problem

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