Treating animals

Step One - Identify bad quarters

Step Two - Take sample of milk with overnighter from infected quarters (how? click here)

Step Three - Treat the quarters with Linconcin, 1 tube for every infected quarter every milking for three treatments (how? click here), spray a line on the cow for every treatment (how? click here)

Step Four - Put two velcro leg bands on the cow, one on each leg (how? click here)

Step Five - Write the cows number on board with the problem code D (how? click here)

Step Six - (this is 1 day after first treatment) see if the overnighter test is positive for staph, if it isn't, carry on treatment as usual and withhold milk for 5 milkings after last treament. If it is treat the cow with Tylo 200, 25ml every day for three treatments (how? click here), and withhold milk for 5 milkings

Step Seven - (this is 1 day after the last Treatment) is the treatment worked? if so put cow into isolation mob after withholding period has finished, if not contact Kevin.