With lincocin

Infuce on tube (10ml) per infected quarter. Repeat treatment at 12 hour intervals, upto a total of three doses, if necessary.

1. Milk the udder completely. This means milking anything left in after the cups come off by hand.

2. Wash the teat- teatspray then use the wipes provided to make sure the teat ends are clean

3. Have tubes in pocket while doing this (to warm them), shake them

4. Insert tip of the tube into the teat canal. Push plunger to disperce entire contents of the tube into the quarter

5. Massage the teat upwards into the quarter to work the solution up the teat canal into the milk cistern

6. Teatspray cow

7. Discard the tube

Do not give cow more than three doses. If milk still abnormal after three treatments, tell Kevin.